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<p><img src="pilrc.gif" align="middle" width="48" height="48"><b>
</b><font size="5"><b>ScumbySoft PilRC ver 2.0a</b></font></p>
<p>by Wes Cherry <a href=""></a></p>
<p>PilRC is a Win32 program for developing USRobotics/Palm Pilot
applications. It takes a resource script file and emits one or
more binary resource files which are then included by your
project's .rc, .asm or other resource file.</p>
<p>PilrcUI gives you a quick GUI preview of your resource file.
Clicking on the client area causes it to reload.</p>
<p><a href="">Download PilRC</a> </p>
<p><a href="">Download PilRC source code</a> </p>
<p>Let me know if you add any features, port or extend pilrc. I
would like to keep tabs on all the variant flavors of pilrc. </p>
<p>Let me know if you run into any bugs, have feature suggestions
or whatever.</p>
<p>PilRC is freeware. The source should compile as-is on Unix and
OS/2 platforms. OS/2 binaries are available from <a
It will also compile for DOS using <a
href="">DJGPP</a> </p>
<p>Contributions by: Brandon Long <a
href=""></a>, Hoshi
Takanori <a href=""></a>,
David Dawson <a href=""></a>,
Andrew Bulhak <a href=""></a>,
Jochen Stenzel <a href=""></a>
and others.</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 2.0a<br></u></b>
o SCROLLBAR removed for FIELDS -- it broke normal SCROLLBAR controls<p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 2.0<br>
</u></b>o Support for greyscale bitmaps (BITMAPGREY). For a 2bpp
replacement for the standard Win* drawing routines, check out
ScumbySoft's <a
href="">Win2 2bpp
drawing library</a>. For more info on greyscale on the Pilot see
Edward Keyes article: <a
the Pilot</a><br>
o AUTOSHIFT, NUMERIC, SCROLLBAR now supported for FIELDs (but not
so well by PalmOS)<br>
o CENTER@ allows you to specify x or y coordinate to center contr<br>
o RIGHT@ and BOTTOM@ specifies left/top coordinate based on a
right or bottom coordinate.<br>
o Bug fixes with AUTO, FONT 6.</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.9</u></b><br>
o ID id.n for controls may be replaced by AUTOID. PilRC will
autoassign ids when AUTOID is specified. Great for LABELs and
other controls which you do not reference in your code.<br>
o PilRCUI now works with XWindows (xwin.c). main() moved to
main.c Thanks to Brandon Long <a href="mailto:(">(</a>)
o OS/2 makefile included (makefile.os2). This should work on DOS
machines using the EMX runtime.<br>
o Support for TRAP resources for writing <a
system extensions.</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.8</u></b><br>
o Fixed some bad bugs in scrollbar generation<br>
o Fixed bug in duplicate control detection code.</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.7</u></b><br>
o Incorporated code to read PBM, PBITM, and XBM bitmaps.<br>
o Bitmap compression may be specified (COMPRESS, AUTOCOMPRESS,
NOCOMPRESS). Thanks to Hoshi Takanori (<br>
o Automatic ID assignment (-H command line option)<br>
o Support for new PalmOS 2.0 scrollbar control</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.6</u></b><br>
o Fixed bug that prevented it from working on non Intel platforms
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.5</u></b><br>
o Now checks for duplicate form, menu, string, alert and form
object ids<br>
o Also checks for invalid ids (not in 0..9999)</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.4</u></b><br>
o New -R command line argument: emits .res files -- a list of
resources emitted by pilrc. Include this in your PilA or JUMP
o New -q command line argument: Quiet mode -- less noisy output<br>
o Sample .c file now builds and loads correctly on Pilots</p>
<p><b><u>What's new in 1.3</u></b><br>
o Support for .java include files (Thanks to David Dawson)<br>
o New BITMAP and ICON commands convert Windows .BMP files to
pilot bitmaps (Thanks to David Dawson)<br>
o Sample .rcp file, .c and .asm files which contain examples for
each control type<br>
o New -I command line argument to specify include search paths<br>
o Updated user manual (Thanks to David Dawson)<br>
o Bug fixes </p>
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PilRC for DOS
Pilrc should compile as is using the standard Makefile using DJPP
You may have some problems with pilrcui (xwin.c) compiling, but ignore that...
PilRC for OS/2
Precompiled port
An already built OS/2 port of PilRC is available at
Since I don't directly build the OS/2 version, this version may lag the current
release. See info below on building pilrc yourself (it's easy)
The port is made from the original sources and was done using the EMX
development package by E. Matthes. It is compiled to run with the EMX
runtime 0.09b or later, which could be found as on various
servers, e.g. look at
(this list is derived from the emxrt.doc file included in the package).
This OS/2 version of PilRC was built and tested under OS/2 Warp connect.
There should be no problem to run it under every OS/2 version where EMX
is available for. More, because of the inspiring features of EMX, this port
runs under pure DOS (with installed EMX runtime), too.
Porting PilRC yourself
If you prefer to build the port yourself from the sources in this PilRC
package, a makefile is provided to support you (src\makefile.os2).
See inline comments therein for details.
Author: Brandon Long (
Version: 0.12
Date: 11-13-1997
pilrcui/X is a port of the Win32 pilrcui by Wes Cherry to the X Window
System using the GIMP GTK+ widget set (
This port was done by Brandon Long ( The port ain't
pretty, but it is functional. Some of those rough edges are because
I've done little to no X programming before. Feel free to send me any
bugfixes you may have.
To compile, you need to have the GTK+ libraries on your system. Edit
the makefile, the lines XINCLUDE and XLIBS to point to the location of
the gtk include and libraries. Then just type make.
Known bugs in 0.1
- All bugs in pilrcui/win32 are present in pilrcui/X, including lack of
support for tables, bitmaps and gadgets, and a really funky looking
- bitmaps aren't displayed because they aren't loaded by pilrc (well,
they are loaded and saved off immediately)
- No way to set the standard -L, -I, -R and -H options, yet
- No support for rounded rectangles, yet
- the form names aren't pretty (this is a feature of the underlying
pilrc code that should be "fixable" but may not be easy to do
- not using the real pilot fonts, so don't have the symbol font
- file selection doesn't limit to *.rcp, doesn't look like the
standard gtk widget has this support
Changes in 0.11
- Fixed the offset (origin) for non-full window forms
- Fixed a missing pen change which caused use of a dotted line to have
followon widgets to be drawn with a dotted line
- Actually print the items in a list, and inverse the first entry.
This isn't exactly like on the pilot itself, since we don't seem to
have information on how many lines fit in the box, but its good
- added option to pilot_text to have it calculate the height of the
font and return it, needed for handling lists
- now handle bold frame and noframe buttons
Changes in 0.12
- Moved pilrc main() into main.c,