ScumbySoft PilRC ver 2.0a

by Wes Cherry

PilRC is a Win32 program for developing USRobotics/Palm Pilot applications. It takes a resource script file and emits one or more binary resource files which are then included by your project's .rc, .asm or other resource file.

PilrcUI gives you a quick GUI preview of your resource file. Clicking on the client area causes it to reload.

Download PilRC

Download PilRC source code

Let me know if you add any features, port or extend pilrc. I would like to keep tabs on all the variant flavors of pilrc.

Let me know if you run into any bugs, have feature suggestions or whatever.

PilRC is freeware. The source should compile as-is on Unix and OS/2 platforms. OS/2 binaries are available from It will also compile for DOS using DJGPP

Contributions by: Brandon Long, Hoshi Takanori, David Dawson, Andrew Bulhak, Jochen Stenzel and others.

What's new in 2.0a
o SCROLLBAR removed for FIELDS -- it broke normal SCROLLBAR controls

What's new in 2.0
o Support for greyscale bitmaps (BITMAPGREY). For a 2bpp replacement for the standard Win* drawing routines, check out ScumbySoft's Win2 2bpp drawing library. For more info on greyscale on the Pilot see Edward Keyes article: Hacking the Pilot
o AUTOSHIFT, NUMERIC, SCROLLBAR now supported for FIELDs (but not so well by PalmOS)
o CENTER@ allows you to specify x or y coordinate to center contr
o RIGHT@ and BOTTOM@ specifies left/top coordinate based on a right or bottom coordinate.
o Bug fixes with AUTO, FONT 6.

What's new in 1.9
o ID id.n for controls may be replaced by AUTOID. PilRC will autoassign ids when AUTOID is specified. Great for LABELs and other controls which you do not reference in your code.
o PilRCUI now works with XWindows (xwin.c). main() moved to main.c Thanks to Brandon Long (
o OS/2 makefile included (makefile.os2). This should work on DOS machines using the EMX runtime.
o Support for TRAP resources for writing HackMaster system extensions.

What's new in 1.8
o Fixed some bad bugs in scrollbar generation
o Fixed bug in duplicate control detection code.

What's new in 1.7
o Incorporated code to read PBM, PBITM, and XBM bitmaps.
o Bitmap compression may be specified (COMPRESS, AUTOCOMPRESS, NOCOMPRESS). Thanks to Hoshi Takanori (
o Automatic ID assignment (-H command line option)
o Support for new PalmOS 2.0 scrollbar control

What's new in 1.6
o Fixed bug that prevented it from working on non Intel platforms

What's new in 1.5
o Now checks for duplicate form, menu, string, alert and form object ids
o Also checks for invalid ids (not in 0..9999)

What's new in 1.4
o New -R command line argument: emits .res files -- a list of resources emitted by pilrc. Include this in your PilA or JUMP program
o New -q command line argument: Quiet mode -- less noisy output
o Sample .c file now builds and loads correctly on Pilots

What's new in 1.3
o Support for .java include files (Thanks to David Dawson)
o New BITMAP and ICON commands convert Windows .BMP files to pilot bitmaps (Thanks to David Dawson)
o Sample .rcp file, .c and .asm files which contain examples for each control type
o New -I command line argument to specify include search paths
o Updated user manual (Thanks to David Dawson)
o Bug fixes