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<p><img src="pilrc.gif" align="middle" width="48" height="48"><b>
</b><font size="5"><b>ScumbySoft PilRC ver 2.0a</b></font></p>

<p>by Wes Cherry <a href=""></a></p>

<p>PilRC is a Win32 program for developing USRobotics/Palm Pilot
applications. It takes a resource script file and emits one or
more binary resource files which are then included by your
project's .rc, .asm or other resource file.</p>

<p>PilrcUI gives you a quick GUI preview of your resource file.
Clicking on the client area causes it to reload.</p>

<p><a href="">Download PilRC</a> </p>

<p><a href="">Download PilRC source code</a> </p>

<p>Let me know if you add any features, port or extend pilrc. I
would like to keep tabs on all the variant flavors of pilrc. </p>

<p>Let me know if you run into any bugs, have feature suggestions
or whatever.</p>

<p>PilRC is freeware. The source should compile as-is on Unix and
OS/2 platforms. OS/2 binaries are available from <a
It will also compile for DOS using <a
href="">DJGPP</a> </p>

<p>Contributions by: Brandon Long <a
href=""></a>, Hoshi
Takanori <a href=""></a>,
David Dawson <a href=""></a>,
Andrew Bulhak <a href=""></a>,
Jochen Stenzel <a href=""></a>
and others.</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 2.0a<br></u></b>
o SCROLLBAR removed for FIELDS -- it broke normal SCROLLBAR controls<p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 2.0<br>
</u></b>o Support for greyscale bitmaps (BITMAPGREY). For a 2bpp
replacement for the standard Win* drawing routines, check out
ScumbySoft's <a
href="">Win2 2bpp
drawing library</a>. For more info on greyscale on the Pilot see
Edward Keyes article: <a
the Pilot</a><br>
o AUTOSHIFT, NUMERIC, SCROLLBAR now supported for FIELDs (but not
so well by PalmOS)<br>
o CENTER@ allows you to specify x or y coordinate to center contr<br>
o RIGHT@ and BOTTOM@ specifies left/top coordinate based on a
right or bottom coordinate.<br>
o Bug fixes with AUTO, FONT 6.</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.9</u></b><br>
o ID id.n for controls may be replaced by AUTOID. PilRC will
autoassign ids when AUTOID is specified. Great for LABELs and
other controls which you do not reference in your code.<br>
o PilRCUI now works with XWindows (xwin.c). main() moved to
main.c Thanks to Brandon Long <a href="mailto:(">(</a>)
o OS/2 makefile included (makefile.os2). This should work on DOS
machines using the EMX runtime.<br>
o Support for TRAP resources for writing <a
system extensions.</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.8</u></b><br>
o Fixed some bad bugs in scrollbar generation<br>
o Fixed bug in duplicate control detection code.</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.7</u></b><br>
o Incorporated code to read PBM, PBITM, and XBM bitmaps.<br>
o Bitmap compression may be specified (COMPRESS, AUTOCOMPRESS,
NOCOMPRESS). Thanks to Hoshi Takanori (<br>
o Automatic ID assignment (-H command line option)<br>
o Support for new PalmOS 2.0 scrollbar control</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.6</u></b><br>
o Fixed bug that prevented it from working on non Intel platforms

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.5</u></b><br>
o Now checks for duplicate form, menu, string, alert and form
object ids<br>
o Also checks for invalid ids (not in 0..9999)</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.4</u></b><br>
o New -R command line argument: emits .res files -- a list of
resources emitted by pilrc. Include this in your PilA or JUMP
o New -q command line argument: Quiet mode -- less noisy output<br>
o Sample .c file now builds and loads correctly on Pilots</p>

<p><b><u>What's new in 1.3</u></b><br>
o Support for .java include files (Thanks to David Dawson)<br>
o New BITMAP and ICON commands convert Windows .BMP files to
pilot bitmaps (Thanks to David Dawson)<br>
o Sample .rcp file, .c and .asm files which contain examples for
each control type<br>
o New -I command line argument to specify include search paths<br>
o Updated user manual (Thanks to David Dawson)<br>
o Bug fixes </p>