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Java Message Service

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The links below point to different versions of the examples. We will be adding other vendor-specific examples as time permits.

SonicMQ-specific examples

The SonicMQ-specific examples contain some value-added SonicMQ-specific extensions, which are explained in the readme file contained in the download: SonicMQExamples.zip.

Softwired-specific examples

The Softwired-specific examples have been modified according to iBus//MessageServer where necessary. We tried to remain true to the examples in the book, but there were minor changes. To learn about these changes, please see the readme files contained in the download: iBusMessageServerExamples.zip.

Vendor-agnostic examples

The vendor-agnostic examples will work with any JMS-compliant vendor: GenericExamples.zip.

NOTE: While the vendor-agnostic examples can be run against any JMS-compliant vendor implementation, you will need to consult the vendor-specific documentation to fill in the specific details with regard to any predefined sample Queues, Topics, and ConnectionFactories to make the examples work.

In order to run these examples, you will need to have installed and set up a JMS server from a JMS vendor. If you would like to install a JMS provider now, you can download the free SonicMQ developer edition from http://www.sonicsoftware.com/oreilly.

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