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"# Introduction\n",
"In this notebook, we'll take the existing files from last time and turn them into a pandas dataframe, then use Altair (=vega-lite) to explore a little\n",
"To install altair:\n",
" $ conda install altair --channel conda-forge\n",
"4/26: for some reason, this is really incredibly slow. And there's a LOT of crappy movies here no one cares about\n",
"Worth noting: there are 279304 movies here. We could probably drop one or two without high cost"
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"from altair import *\n",
"from math import *\n",
"import pandas as pd\n",
"import os"
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"file = r\"F:\\danyelf\\OneDrive - Microsoft\\Projects\\2016 Making Sense of Data\\datasets\\cleanratings.list\"\n",
"data = pd.read_csv( file , sep='\\t', encoding = 'Windows-1252')"
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"# Looking at the data"
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" x = X('raters', bin = Bin( maxbins = 20)),\n",
" y = 'count(*):Q',\n",
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"Looks like almost every rating is a very small number. What's the real curve look like? Can we get a bin?"
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"data['lograters'] = data['raters'].map( lambda x : log(x))\n",
" x = X('lograters', bin = Bin( maxbins = 20)),\n",
" y = 'count(*):Q',\n",
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"medianraters = data['raters'].median()\n",
"topquarter = data['raters'].quantile ( q= 0.75)"
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" x = X('score', bin = Bin( maxbins = 100)),\n",
" y = 'count(*):Q',\n",
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"Sanity check: is there a correlation between score & # of raters? That would seem to be biasing."
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"Chart(data).mark_circle().encode( \n",
" x = X('score'), bin = Bin(maxbins = 10),\n",
" y = Y('lograters', bin = Bin(maxbins = 10)),\n",
" size = 'count(*):Q'\n",
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"smalldata = data['score'] > topquarter"
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"version": 3
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"pygments_lexer": "ipython3",
"version": "3.5.2"
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"import os"
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"# imdb title conventions\n",
"- Title (year)\n",
"- Drop it for: in quotes, (TV / V / VG )\n",
"- Drop it for anything with {{\n"
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"(False, '\\\\Dante\\'s Domicile\" (2013) {The Hearse: Part 1 (#2.5)} (as Dante Darrk)')\n",
"(False, \"The 1996 Fox Rock 'N Roll Skating Championships (1996) (TV)\")\n",
"(True, 'At Night (2008)')\n",
"(False, 'Freddie Goes to Washington (1993) {{SUSPENDED}}')\n"
"source": [
"def processTitle ( title ):\n",
" valid = True\n",
" if ( title.startswith('\"')):\n",
" valid = False\n",
" elif '(V)' in title or '(TV)' in title or '(VG)' in title:\n",
" valid = False\n",
" elif ('}' in title ):\n",
" valid = False\n",
" else:\n",
" titParts = title.split(')')\n",
" title = titParts[0] + ')'\n",
" \n",
" return (valid, title)\n",
"print(processTitle( \"\\Dante\\'s Domicile\\\" (2013) {The Hearse: Part 1 (#2.5)} (as Dante Darrk)\"))\n",
"print(processTitle(\"The 1996 Fox Rock 'N Roll Skating Championships (1996) (TV)\"))\n",
"print(processTitle(\"At Night (2008) (co-director)\"))\n",
"print(processTitle(\"Freddie Goes to Washington (1993) {{SUSPENDED}}\"))"
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"This is the directory where \"directors.list\" and \"ratings.list\" can be found. I downloaded them from\n",
"See description at"
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"fileDir = r\"F:\\danyelf\\OneDrive - Microsoft\\Projects\\2016 Making Sense of Data\\datasets\\\\\""
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"# Directors \n",
"What we're going to do it wrap it all in a big ol' for loop.\n",
"1.\tSkip to line 236\n",
"2.\tIf line starts with character, copy name to buffer\n",
"3.\tIf line starts with three tabs, write intead (name, title)\n",
"4.\tWrite line"
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"name": "stdout",
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"text": [
"Name of file: F:\\danyelf\\OneDrive - Microsoft\\Projects\\2016 Making Sense of Data\\datasets\\\\directors.list\n",
"1000 Abbott, Lee (I) Rain (2005)\n",
"2000 Abidov, Igor Svet nizhnikh kvartalov (2018)\n",
"3000 Abuel, Miguel Drunk People (2014)\n",
"4000 Adachi, Satoshi (III) Sukûru obu nâshingu (2016)\n",
"5000 Adel, Soufiane Go Forth (2014)\n",
"6000 Affleck, Ben I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I Have a Three Picture Deal at Disney (1993)\n",
"7000 Aguerre, Roberto Ojos de amatista (1996)\n",
"8000 Ahmad, Qalandar Bodi Shah (1959)\n",
"9000 Aix, Alain d' Mercenaires en quête d'auteurs (1983)\n",
"10000 Akkadej, Kom Killer Elephants (1976)\n",
"11000 Aladag, Baris 6 Tage - 6 Genres (2006)\n",
"12000 Albert, Rafa Sara No És Necessària (1998)\n",
"13000 Alegre, Alejandro G. Los infectados (2011)\n",
"14000 Alexius, Tirf Cerrrrmack (2010)\n",
"15000 Alkire, Spike Mom's Ashes (2013)\n",
"16000 Alli, Antero To Dream of Falling Upwards (2011)\n",
"17000 Alonso, Carlos Alberto Ave Fénix (1995)\n",
"18000 Alusic, Donald The Peace Treaty of Portsmouth: A Spiritual Perspective (2008)\n",
"19000 Amano, Jako Yumejuya: Kaizokuban (2007)\n",
"20000 Amici, Massimo Il diario (2008)\n",
"21000 Anand, Dev (I) Gangster (1994)\n",
"22000 Anderson, Erik (XVI) Scenes From Another Marriage (2016)\n",
"23000 Anderson, R. Christian A Matter of Divorcement (2012)\n",
"24000 Andres, Ezra Free Falling (2012)\n",
"25000 Angeles, Alyssa Bits and Pieces (2016/II)\n",
"26000 Ansaldo, Frederic Lost in Communication (2010)\n",
"27000 Antonio, Troy Kite (2002)\n",
"28000 Apostolof, Stephen C. Lady Godiva Rides (1969)\n",
"29000 Aranda, Valente Looking for Crime (2014)\n",
"30000 Archdeacon, Colin Obligatory Lunch Saga (2009)\n",
"31000 Ariffien, Rd. Ratu kentjana (1955)\n",
"32000 Armstrong, Meghan Fear. And Its Loved Ones. (2007)\n",
"33000 Aroonpheng, Phuttiphong Going to the Sea (2006)\n",
"34000 Aruoja, Virve Värvilised unenäod (1975)\n",
"35000 Ashley, Edward Jaheed Fela: Fresh from Africa (2006)\n",
"36000 Assous, Lou Hands (2008/II)\n",
"37000 Atlas, Charles (I) William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible (2010)\n",
"38000 Augustin, Dean J. Final Voice (2016)\n",
"39000 Avellana, Lamberto V. Damong ligaw (1954)\n",
"40000 Axelsson, Michael Sug (2003)\n",
"41000 Ayvazyan, Aghasi Veratznund (1984)\n",
"42000 Baba, Masanori The Oak Tree and Onigiri (2016)\n",
"43000 Back, Frédéric Taratata (1977)\n",
"44000 Baer, Katie Reclamation (2010)\n",
"45000 Bailey, Bill (I) Love Song (2015)\n",
"46000 Bajwa, Ijaz Channa Sachi Muchi (2010)\n",
"47000 Bakoyannopoulos, Yannis O Dassin stin kriti (1956)\n",
"48000 Baldi, Gian Vittorio Ritratto di Pina (1960)\n",
"49000 Ballesteros, Alejandro (I) Sacamantecas (2009)\n",
"50000 Band, Charles Babes Behind Bars (2013)\n",
"51000 Bantock, Leedham The Girl of My Heart (1915)\n",
"52000 Barbe, Vladlen Posledniy chelovek iz Atlantidy (2017)\n",
"53000 Bardin, Garri Kot v sapogakh (1996)\n",
"54000 Barkett, Steve Empire of the Dark (1990)\n",
"55000 Barone, Henrique (I) The Man Who Saw a Boat (2013)\n",
"56000 Barros D'Sa, Lisa Normal People (2017/I)\n",
"57000 Bartolotti, Tierra Remember Your Roots (2014)\n",
"58000 Basinski, Pearl Timber (2013/II)\n",
"59000 Batinic, Sven Hladnokrvno (2014)\n",
"60000 Baumann, Fritz Die Reise des Löwen (1993)\n",
"61000 Bayraktar, Uluç Kabuslar evi - Kaçan Firsatlar Limited (2006)\n",
"62000 Beauchamp, Greg The Traveler (2008)\n",
"63000 Bechara, Julien Manneken Swing (2015)\n",
"64000 Bedi, Omi Kankan De Ohle (1970)\n",
"65000 Behun, Kathleen 21 Days (2014/I)\n",
"66000 Bell, Monta The Boy Friend (1926)\n",
"67000 Beltrán, Camila Pedro malheur (2014)\n",
"68000 Benedict, Steven (III) The Last (2002)\n",
"69000 Bennett, Drew (IV) The Children of Jumandi (2009)\n",
"70000 Bentley, Lonzo Beautiful Melancholy (2016)\n",
"71000 Berg, Stefan (II) Strippan (2012)\n",
"72000 Berhoun, Slimane-Baptiste Lost Island: Le Repérage (2013)\n",
"73000 Bernard, Raymond (I) Le joueur d'échecs (1927)\n",
"74000 Berrocal, Isaac La dantesca escena (2011)\n",
"75000 Berutti, Florian Tristesse animal sauvage (2012)\n",
"76000 Beydoun, Ameen Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (2014)\n",
"77000 Bhat, Vamanrao N. Thakicha Lagna (1935)\n",
"78000 Bianchi Montero, Roberto Albergo a ore (1981)\n",
"79000 Bierbaum, Branden Road Rage (2011/I)\n",
"80000 Bilys, Laimis Café à Paris (2015)\n",
"81000 Birmingham, Ryan Sports Movie Parody (2008)\n",
"82000 Bivel, Didier Fais-moi des vacances (2002)\n",
"83000 Blackton, J. Stuart The Thieving Hand (1908)\n",
"84000 Blakeston, Oswell Light Rhythms (1931)\n",
"85000 Blazin, Nina Just the Two of Us (2015/II)\n",
"86000 Blose, Chris Fish Eyes (2008)\n",
"87000 Bobrovskiy, Anatoliy (I) Litsom k litsu (1986)\n",
"88000 Boese, Carl Seelenverkäufer (1919)\n",
"89000 Boisier, Jairo Cat Fight (2017/II)\n",
"90000 Bolten-Baeckers, Heinrich Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne (1918)\n",
"91000 Bonilla, Christian How Far We've Come (2013/I)\n",
"92000 Booth, Kevin (II) American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007)\n",
"93000 Borgia, Fran Para Asia (2008)\n",
"94000 Borza, Shane Turbines (2017)\n",
"95000 Bosler, Dan Intestinal Fortitude (2012)\n",
"96000 Botes, Costa Original Skin (1996)\n",
"97000 Bouquin, Joseph 15h43 (2016)\n",
"98000 Bowen, Edwin G. Paramount Paragraphics: Oregon Steelhead (1937)\n",
"99000 Boyer, Jean (I) Nina (1959)\n",
"100000 Bracy, Tony Expectations (2013/I)\n",
"101000 Brahm, John The Undying Monster (1942)\n",
"102000 Brandl, Günther Und sie kehrten niemals wieder (2013)\n",
"103000 Braun, Saul Post Modern Ophelia (2014)\n",
"104000 Breillat, Catherine Brève traversée (2001)\n",
"105000 Bretherton, Howard Stop That Run (1932)\n",
"106000 Bright, Christopher L. Baked! (2012)\n",
"107000 Broadhead, John M. Second (2009)\n",
"108000 Brooke, Van Dyke A Caliph of the New Bagdad (1916)\n",
"109000 Brough-Stevenson, Danny Dared (2011)\n",
"110000 Brown, Harry Joe The Squealer (1930)\n",
"111000 Browne, Dan (VII) Memento mori (2012)\n",
"112000 Brunel, Adrian Blighty (1927)\n",
"113000 Bryson, Jeff (I) The Wild Wild Test (2013)\n",
"114000 Bucketstien, Carl The Man in the Wolf Mask (2014)\n",
"115000 Buesing, Cody The Homeless (2014)\n",
"116000 Bundó, Joaquim Redención (2014)\n",
"117000 Burke, Ben (IV) The Sun Don't Shine in the Holler (????)\n",
"118000 Burns, Jacob (I) Life of the Party (2009)\n",
"119000 Buschbeck, Thomas Sortie de secours (2006)\n",
"120000 Butler, Jason (II) One Sunny Morning (2008)\n",
"121000 Byrne, Conor (II) Merry (2011)\n",
"122000 Büld, Wolfgang Der Trip (1996)\n",
"123000 Cabrero, Daniel Autoréplica (2013)\n",
"124000 Cai, Kaz Breakfast Lunch Dinner (2010)\n",
"125000 Caldwell, Luke (I) Anything's Possible (1999)\n",
"126000 Calvert, Charles (I) Daylight Robbery (1913)\n",
"127000 Camilleri, Anya Perfect (2004/I)\n",
"128000 Campbell, Meg Maisie (2016)\n",
"129000 Canapa, Stefano Les champs brûlants (2010)\n",
"130000 Cantillon, Jane (II) The Other Side: A Queer History (2006)\n",
"131000 Caponetto, Paolo Il Battimanista (2012)\n",
"132000 Carboni, Jérémie Notre Terre (2010)\n",
"133000 Carey, Jeremy (II) Surf Carnival (2012)\n",
"134000 Carlson, Wallace A. Dreamy Dud and a Visit to the Zoo (1915)\n",
"135000 Carow, Heiner Die Wette gilt (1954)\n",
"136000 Carreras, Enrique La super, super aventura (1975)\n",
"137000 Carstensen, Daryl Unnaturally Born Killers (1996)\n",
"138000 Casademunt, David Una vida M. (2014)\n",
"139000 Cassales, Lucas (I) Sofá Verde (2009)\n",
"140000 Castillo, Anthony Rodrigo First Film Blues (2014)\n",
"141000 Catani, Roberto La testa tra le nuvole (2013)\n",
"142000 Cave, Richard (III) Project Green Harvest (????)\n",
"143000 Cegarra, Iris B. Shoot (2007)\n",
"144000 Cervantes Aguilar, Selma Mayo (2015)\n",
"145000 Chakerian, Jack Never Be Too Comfortable (2015)\n",
"146000 Chan, Chung-Kin Tong saam chong chui sai ging (1962)\n",
"147000 Chandora, Aditya How the Day Begins (1998)\n",
"148000 Chang, Wei-Chen Happy Ending (2009/II)\n",
"149000 Charles, Aloura Melissa Little Sponges (2012)\n",
"150000 Chatterjee, Pashupati Mamlar Phal (1956)\n",
"151000 Cheatham, Dtonio Down to the Wire (2016)\n",
"152000 Chen, Shi-Zheng Yulu (2011)\n",
"153000 Cherry, Lawrence Mapping for Defence (1957)\n",
"154000 Chiang, Yi Hung Shi xiong chu ma (1973)\n",
"155000 Chin, Feodor (I) Spice It Up! (2010)\n",
"156000 Chizmo, Chizzy Time in Tempora (2010)\n",
"157000 Chon, Justin You're Stoopid (2013)\n",
"158000 Chowdhury, Bidisha (I) Broken Mirror (2010)\n",
"159000 Christie, Al Gags and Gals (1936)\n",
"160000 Chu, Yen-Ping Tien hsia yi ta le (1988)\n",
"161000 Ciabattini, Giuseppe (I) Il romanzo di Fabienne (1917)\n",
"162000 Cipriano, Rodrigo (I) Violent Story (2009)\n",
"163000 Clark, Ciara (II) The Promise (2015/X)\n",
"164000 Clausen, Richard (I) Sabine (1974)\n",
"165000 Clercq, Anne de Sarah & Hij (2007)\n",
"166000 Cluse, Ben Procreation for a Better Australia (2006)\n",
"167000 Coenen, Josef Die blonde Loo (1919)\n",
"168000 Cohen, Rob (I) xXx (2002)\n",
"169000 Cole, J.W. Even the Devil Swiped Right (????)\n",
"170000 Collantes, Spencer In the Eye of the Heart (2015)\n",
"171000 Collins, John H. The Last of the Hargroves (1914)\n",
"172000 Columba, Paola Nodo al cuore (1989)\n",
"173000 Conde, Manuel (I) Girls on the Rocks (1962)\n",
"174000 Conrad, Robert (I) Past Due (????/I)\n",
"175000 Conway, Robert (IV) The Encounter (2015/I)\n",
"176000 Cooper, Budge Children of the City (1944)\n",
"177000 Corbett, Scott (IV) Good Night Butterfly (2017)\n",
"178000 Corneau, Alain (I) Le deuxième souffle (2007)\n",
"179000 Cortez, Jose (IV) A Gameboy Life (2013)\n",
"180000 Costa, Olivia (III) Floc (2017)\n",
"181000 Couch, Lamont Just Friends? (2011)\n",
"182000 Covell, Christopher (I) Let's Fall in Love (2013)\n",
"183000 Coyle, Walter V. His White Lie (1916)\n",
"184000 Craven, Wes Scream 3 (2000)\n",
"185000 Cring, Jon Russell Spooner (????)\n",
"186000 Cronin, Paul (III) In the Beginning Was the Image: Conversations with Peter Whitehead (2006)\n",
"187000 Crozier, Aaron Grumboon (2002)\n",
"188000 Cubero, Nolan Cliffstarter (2011)\n",
"189000 Cummings, Audrey A Stolen Moment (2004)\n",
"190000 Curran, Shawn My Big Fat Greek Snake (2005)\n",
"191000 Cusumano, Gregory If Only You Were Free (2017)\n",
"192000 Cürlis, Hans Schaffende Hände: Wassily Kandinsky in der Galerie Neumann-Nierendorf (1926)\n",
"193000 D'Orazio, Royce Just Like Starting Over (2014)\n",
"194000 Dahan, Yannick Rivoallan (2008)\n",
"195000 Dalmases Paredes, Pau Hot Dog Voodoo (2012)\n",
"196000 Daneliuc, Mircea Cursa (1978)\n",
"197000 Dansereau, Mireille L'arrache-coeur (1979)\n",
"198000 Darveau, Isabelle Bienvenue chez nous - La gang à Richibouctou Village (2014)\n",
"199000 Dauchan, Desha Whispers (2003)\n",
"200000 Davidson, Aldous How to Greet the Dead (2010)\n",
"201000 Davis, Eric (XXX) Ridin Hood (2011)\n",
"202000 Davis, Rhonda (I) Magic Pancakes (1994)\n",
"203000 Dawn, Merry Seeds (2016/III)\n",
"204000 De Angelis, Fabrizio Sogno d'amore (1994)\n",
"205000 de Chomón, Segundo En avant la musique (1907)\n",
"206000 de Gregorio, Toni Due oriundi per Cesare (1965)\n",
"207000 de la Loma, José Antonio Los últimos golpes de 'El Torete' (1980)\n",
"208000 de Limur, Jean La rosière des Halles (1935)\n",
"209000 de Oliveira, Domingos Juventude (2008)\n",
"210000 De Sarro, Gerardo La porta chiusa (1914)\n",
"211000 de Zwart, Sandra Marionette (2013/II)\n",
"212000 Decker, Max Off the Court (????)\n",
"213000 Dehane, Kamal Femmes d'Alger (1992)\n",
"214000 Del Mundo, Rico Mga bagong salta (sa Maynila)\n",
"215000 Delao, Dennis Lovebarf (2010)\n",
"216000 Della Grotta, Luca Trash (2018)\n",
"217000 Demetriou, Elias Smac (2015)\n",
"218000 Denkov, Alexander Bolen (1945)\n",
"219000 Deray, Jacques Borsalino and Co. (1974)\n",
"220000 Deschamps, Jacques (II) Dinle neyden (2008)\n",
"221000 Deutsch, Roger Jews (1984)\n",
"222000 DeWitt, Courtney (I) Siam (2010)\n",
"223000 Di Florio, Silvia Raúl Barboza, el sentimiento de abrazar (2003)\n",
"224000 Dias, Paulo R. Heartbeat (2012/II)\n",
"225000 Dickson, William K.L. Chinese Opium Den (1894)\n",
"226000 Dika, Raditya Hangout (2016)\n",
"227000 Dimopoulos, Dinos Oi ouranoi einai dikoi mas (1953)\n",
"228000 Disattha, Phanumad Huk aum lum (2013)\n",
"229000 Djerf, Ture Två rånare (2015)\n",
"230000 Dodson, Avram Pistachio Milk (2012)\n",
"231000 Dominguez, Fernando (I) No Es Mucho Lo Que Heredamos De Nuestro Abuelo (2010)\n",
"232000 Donnelly, Adam (V) The Bear Suit (2014)\n",
"233000 Doria, Francisco Jem (2011)\n",
"234000 Douberly, Shane Mime Night (2014)\n",
"235000 Dowler, Melissa Letting Go of Adele (2017)\n",
"236000 Drakoulakos, Nikos Tora, tote, panta (1976)\n",
"237000 Driver, Scott (II) Every Waking Breath (????)\n",
"238000 Dubin, Jason (I) Fixed (2012)\n",
"239000 Duffy, Richard (III) One Night in Dublin (????)\n",
"240000 Dunbar, Tim The Developing (2011)\n",
"241000 Dunnison, James Celluloid Dreams (2002)\n",
"242000 Durant, Sean Gina's Journey: The Search for William Grimes (2016)\n",
"243000 Dutta, Dhruba Rakter Saad (1993)\n",
"244000 Dwoskin, Stephen Alone (1964)\n",
"245000 Díaz Torres, Daniel La película de Ana (2012)\n",
"246000 Earle, Morgen Distant Aidenn (2014)\n",
"247000 Ebrahimifar, Saeed Nar-o-nay (1989)\n",
"248000 Edmonds, Nicholas High Pitch (2012)\n",
"249000 Edwards, Walter The Human Octopus (1915)\n",
"250000 Ehmck, Gustav Liebesschule blutjunger Mädchen (1973)\n",
"251000 Ejiro, Chico Ofeke (2003)\n",
"252000 Elbocher, Shahar Allmost 17 (2013)\n",
"253000 Ellens, Bardo Guys Night (2014)\n",
"254000 Elmas, Orhan Bardaktaki adam (1962)\n",
"255000 Embry, John (II) The Great Slave Video Adventure (1990)\n",
"256000 Eng, Dayyan Du zi deng dai (2004)\n",
"257000 Enright, Ray River's End (1940)\n",
"258000 Erebara, Gëzim Maleve me dëborë (1966)\n",
"259000 Ertugrul, Muhsin Kahveci güzeli (1941)\n",
"260000 Esparza Santa María, Luis Ángel Un minuto en la vida de un hombre (2004)\n",
"261000 Estorino, Fernando Figurinhas Desaparecidas (2014)\n",
"262000 Evans, Fred (I) Pimple's Motor Bike (1913)\n",
"263000 Eves, Dave Buck Shot (2012)\n",
"264000 Fabrissin, Adrián Una canción de Navidad (2007)\n",
"265000 Faith, Corinna Care (2006)\n",
"266000 Fan, Jiuwei Baomu de Simi Riji (2015)\n",
"267000 Farina, Marco Dietro lo schermo (2008)\n",
"268000 Fasciani, Andrea Buyo (2008)\n",
"269000 Fazil (I) Aniyathi Pravu (1997)\n",
"270000 Feist, John (I) Israel: The Royal Tour (2014)\n",
"271000 Fenderson, Jaye First Generation (2011)\n",
"272000 Fernandes, Rajesh CID Eesha (2013)\n",
"273000 Fernández, Rafael (X) Los Hombres Caballo (2011)\n",
"274000 Ferreyra, José A. El cantar de mi ciudad (1930)\n",
"275000 Feuillade, Louis L'épreuve (1914)\n",
"276000 Field, Topher The Hustle (2013)\n",
"277000 Filipovic, Vlatko Nastojanje (1982)\n",
"278000 Finney, Edward Queen of the Amazons (1947)\n",
"279000 Fischinger, Oskar Studie Nr. 5 (1930)\n",
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