Commit 9e6c6ea1 authored by Armen Donigian's avatar Armen Donigian

Build test v.5.

parent 0ba1a954
......@@ -39,5 +39,5 @@ EXPOSE 8888
#RUN . activate py36_oreilly_ml_prod_course
# Start the notebook server
CMD [ "/bin/bash -c \"source activate py36_oreilly_ml_prod_course\" && jupyter notebook --no-browser --port 8888 --ip=* --NotebookApp.token='' --NotebookApp.disable_check_xsrf=True --NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit=1.0e10"]
CMD /bin/bash -c "source /opt/conda/bin/activate py36_oreilly_ml_prod_course" && jupyter notebook --no-browser --port 8888 --ip=* --NotebookApp.token='' --NotebookApp.disable_check_xsrf=True --NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit=1.0e10
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